The Dalton School

     The Dalton School in Tignish provided many people in the community with the education they needed to make a living for themselves. The man that made all this possible was Sir Charles Dalton. Dalton graciously donated a total of $45,000.00 towards the construction of the school!


     The Dalton school was built in the year 1930. It's main purpose was to teach students who were in elementary. However, from the years 1954-1959, high school students were also taught at the Dalton School until the Tignish Regional High School was built.

     In the year 1979 the Dalton School was officially closed. The reason for this being that Westisle Composite High School had officially opened, and all high school students from the surrounding communities would now complete their education there. The remainder of the students transferred to the former Tignish Regional High School.In November 1998 the Dalton School was officially destroyed, and in it's place the Tignish Cultural Centre was built by the year 1999.

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