St. Simon & St. Jude Church

     The church of St. Simon & St. Jude is a thing of beauty. It's construction began to be in the works in 1857, and it was built between the years of 1859-1860. The entire build was guided by Rev. Peter McIntyre. There were 300 families living in Tignish at this time. The St. Simon & St. Jude Church can be seen from around the community; it being 100 feet long by 62 feet high, and it's magnificent steeple of 185 feet high was used as a beacon for the fishermen and to reach towards the heavens.

     The church is made of 500,000.00 bricks that came from Hughes` Brickyard, making it the first major brick building built in Prince Edward Island. The architect of the church was Patrick C. Kielly. Patrick designed the church in a Gothic Design. The twelve pillars located inside consist of one large tree that was cut down from "Virgin Forest" located on the Centre Line Road. Each of these pillars were shaped by hand.


     In 1885 the stations of the cross were erected in the church. These are very unique, as there are only three others like it in all of Canada. In 1888 a famous artist from Montreal; Francois Xavier Edouard Meloche, painted the twelve life size murals of the Apostles located along the walls, between the stained glass windows. In this same year the church was decorated dark blue with stars. In 1997 the church was once again painted, in creams, greys and a replica of the same blue sky.


     The following are the pastors of St. Simon & St. Jude Parish:

          - 1799-1803   L`Abbe de Calonne.

          - 1799-1803   Amable Pichard.

          - 1803-1812   Angus MacEachern (1st Bishop of Charlottetown).

          - 1812-1818   Jean-Louis Beaubien.

          - 1818-1822   Joseph Etienne Cecile.

          - 1822-1828   Bernard MacDonald (2nd Bishop of Charlottetown).

          - 1828-1843   Sylvain Emphrem Perrey.

          - 1843-1860   Peter McIntyre (1st Resident Pastor of Tignish & 3rd Bishop of Charlottetown).

          - 1860-1861   Andre Roy.

          - 1861-1863   Dougald M. MacDonald.

          - 1863-1867   Dougald MacIsaac.

          - 1867-1923   Dougald M. MacDonald.

          - 1923-1931   Gregory MacLellan.

          - 1931-1956   John Archie MacDonald.

          - 1956-1971   Michael Rooney.

          - 1971-1975   Austin Bradley.

          - 1975-1977   Arthur Pendergast.

          - 1977-1980   Walter Reid.

          - 1980-1983   Edouard Cormier.

          - 1983-1990   Claude Shea.

          - 1990           Albin Arsenault.   


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