First & Second Church

     In 1801 the first church in the community of Tignish was built by the Acadians. It was made of logs and was located in "The Green." The church's measurements were 20 feet by 25 feet.

     The first church in Tignish was truly a remarkable thing. Even though there was no priest, the community would gather faithfully every Sunday morning, to pray, sing, and hear the Gospel together. It was in operation for around 20 years.


     The second church in Tignish was built in 1826. The building was much more structured than the original and it measured 60*45. In 1844 Father Peter MacIntyre arrived and the interior of the church was renovated.

     By 1851 an organ was placed inside of the church. The church ran for a total of thirty years. In the year 1868 the building was hauled by a team of around 60 horses to a location near the Dalton School. The building was then used as Tignish's new Grammer School.       


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