The Myricks Continued

     Mary Converse Myrick (Mae) was born in the year 1862 and she was the third child of James and Mary. Mary loved to travel and she expressed this through her talent of writing and sketching. Mary had a strong faith that gave her the strength to deal with her fatal illness that eventually claimed her life. Toward the end she was often bedridden due to an accident that brought on many severe migraines. Even during her last few months Mary was described as kind, spiritual and a true inspiration to those around her. She passed away peacefull in 1898.


     Cornelia Howland Myrick (Nicknamed "Tint") was born in the year 1866. Cornelia spents her winters in Dorchester, Massachusetts and her summers in the community of Tignish. She graduated in 1897 from the Massachusetts School of Art. She married George Bradford on April 18, 1899, a man she has known since elementary school! They had three daughters known as Mae, Alice and Hope. She was described as being a big talker, a nature lover, and the best hostess around. She passed away in 1955.


     Hannah Glideen Myrick was born in 1871. She was described as being keen, lively, smart, and as having the correct ambition needed to be a successful doctor. She graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1900. Upon completion of her internship Hannah practised medicine with a fellow doctor at Upham's Corner. From the years 1918-1922 she was the superintendent of the New England Hospital for Women and Children. It was at this time Hannah had the opportunity to deliver her great nephew on December 8, 1919; Roger Merrill Myrick. Along with Hannah's medical skills she was an amazing photographer and a business women. She passed away in the year 1973 at an amazing 102 years of age!


     Bessie Everett Botume Myrick was born in Massachusetts in 1863. Bessie married Edward Merrill Myrick in 1884, and they had a total of six children. She was known as a wonderful teacher as she successfully taught all six children right from her home. She also enjoyed gardening and writing. Bessie passed away on April 13, 1945.


     James Howe Myrick II was born in the year 1885 and he was the eldest son of Edward and Bessie. He graduated high school in 1905 and came directly to Tignish, Prince Edward Island to work with his father. He married Sibyl Fay Stone in 1911 and they had one son named Roger Merrill II. During Jame's life time the Island celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Myrick stores; the Station Store, Shore Store, and the Alberton Store. In the year 1853 James started the trading post on the North Cape road. When the railway made it's way to Tignish, James and his partner, Issac Clark Hall, bought Pope's store near the trading post and relocated it to Tignish so it could be near the end of the railroad. Unfortunately, the large fire that occured in Tignish in 1896 burnt down the building, so a new one had to be built. In the year 1930 the Myrick company built the "Windigo" to haul lobsters from Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick. They later built canning factories on the West Side. The factory crew from Tignish went over to can the goods there. James continued this until 1935 when the "Windigo" was sold to John MacIntosh. During the 30's the Myricks sold such things as dried salt cod, wet salt fish, shipped oats, potatoes, turnips, agriculture products, and live stock to Newfoundland; along with shipping oats and hay to logging camps in the winter time. During the Depression in 1933 the Myrick company went into receivership run by the Eastern Trust. James went to work at the Myricks Alberton Ltd. while John Lyrick and John MacIntosh ran the business in Tignish under the name of Myrick-MacIntosh. In 1960 James Howe Myric II sold the Alberton business to the Hardy's who kept the Myrick name until they sold the business in 1978.


     John Botume Myrick was born in the year 1887 and he was the second child of Edward and Bessie. He graduated in 1906 from Newton High School and he continued his education at MIT. He graduated in 1910 with a degree in electrical engineering. John became involved in the Myrick business after the year 1914 because constant eye trouble caused him to be unable to do his desk work any longer. He married Sibyl Berry in April 1911 at the Unitarian Church in West Newton, and they had four children shortly after. John had a large impact on the development of the Irish Moss industry in the West Prince area. The first shipment of Irish Moss from Prince Edward Island was in September 1941 by Myrick-MacIntosh Ltd. to Kraft. The Tignish Station Store ended up closing in 1961 after a decline in fishing, and too much credit.


     Roger Merrill Myrick was born in 1889 in Boston. He was the third son of Merrill and Bessie. Roger tragically passed away in the month of November 1903 when he developed diphtheria.


     Rachel Myrick was born in the year 1891. She attended a summer course at Harvard and took a postition six years later as a social services secretary in the Social Service Department of Massachusetts General Hospital. She then worked in a similar manner at the Deaconess Hospital. In 1930 she married John Damon and they had one child together, named Merrill Myrick Damon in 1932. Rachel passed away in 1951 due to a serious heart problem.


     Franklin Lord Myrick was born in the year 1892 and he was the youngest son of Edward and Bessie. He graduated from High School in 1911 and from the MIT College in 1915. After college he went to work at a bank, then as a sales person. Franklin married Mildred Hartman from Pennsylvanie in September of 1925 and they had one daughter. Franklin enlisted in the US Army and when he returned to France in 1919 he continued his previous job as a sales person. He had many different positions throughout his life, but he retired in 1961 with the company Allen-Sherman-Hoff Company in Hamburg, Pennslyvania. He passed away on March 20, 1987.


     Roger Merrill Myrick II was born on December 8, 1913 and he arrived in Prince Edward Island when he was only six weeks old. When he became older Roger began to help in the daily operations of the Tignish store. Roger was taught under his grandmother Bessie until grade 10, in the year 1930. He started Newton High School in the fall as he lived with his Aunt Ray and Uncle John damon for three years. During the summers he would still return to Tignish and play baseball with the Shore team. Roger graduated from high school in 1933 and went to work in the office of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company in Boston. He retired from this company in 1978. Roger is married to Carolyn E. Myrick.

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