The Myricks


     The Myricks had a huge impact on Tignish's economy and the everyday lives of the community from the years 1850-1950! The famous original store that was built by the Myricks is 1858 is still known to this day. However, along with this store 21 other buildings were used to help support the community. These buildings included businesses such as an ice house, can shop, blacksmith shop, bakery, boat shed, granary, factory, etc. The Myricks also built a wharf with a railroad on it for horse drawn cars to use when facilitating imports and exports. Hides, canned lobster, grain, salted fish, potatoes, and canned meats are just some of the products that were shipped out from the community.



     The following are names and a brief description of the Myrick individuals:

        James Howe Myrick was born in the year 1824 in New Castle, Maine. He then left for Boston in 1846 to become a commission merchant. Next he came to the Island, where he helped to maintain a total of three different stores. These stores were located in the centre of Tignish, at the "Shore" and one all the way in Alberton. These stores carried a variety of things such as farming supplies, fishing supplies, dried goods, wall paper, clothing and they even had a store tailor who specialized in men's suits. The Myricks were south of the buildings known as Myrick Shore. James was described as a quiet, patient, a fine executive and an amazing organizer. He passed away June 23, 1911 due to a severe throat infection.


     Mary Converse Merrill Myrick was born in the year 1832 and she was married to the above James Howe Myrick. They married in the year 1854 in Dorchester, Mass. They had a total of five children. Mary loved to write, and she demonstrated this by writing constant letters to her daughters in Boston in order to keep contact. Mary was described as a high spirited women, that could have a hot temper, but she had a huge warm heart and plenty of energy. She passed away in 1927.


     Alice Thatcher Myrick was born in the year 1855. She became a nurse after she graduated from The Boston City Hospital in January of 1892. She continued to live in Dorchester, Massachusetts over the remainder of her life. She was described as a wonderful cook, a keep sake saver, nature lover, great writer and an ardent follower of the Church of the Disciples. She passed away in March 1947.


     Edward Merrill Myrick was born in the year 1857. He married Bessie Everett Botume on April 15, 1884 in Boston. Edward was described as being quite shy, unlike his father. He assisted in the family business which became known as J.H. Myricks & Company after the year 1915. During Edward's life time the Hayward's Mill was an active part of the Myrick's business and they also expanded and included seed and table potatoes in their business. Edward had a huge impact on the Myrick's business for many years until he passed away on December 29, 1957; a few weeks after his 100th birthday!









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