English, English.... Scot!

After the Guernsey settlers arrived, people continued to trickle in to the area. Many were English, but a different sort of immigrant was arriving more and more frequently: the Scottish. Scots would eventually dominate the areas now known as White Sands and High Bank, creating a thriving Gaelic community.

Thomas Bell was born in Dumfries, Scotland around 1780, and settled in White Sands around 1820. He had six children with his wife, Mary Davidson, four of whom were born in Scotland.22. Thomas operated the White Sands post office from his home from 1834 until his death in 1853, and his family carried on running it until 1859.23.

James Bell Sr. came to PEI between 1821 and 1823, and lived in White Sands. His wife was Mary Anne Watson, born about 1796 in England. Bell was born in Scotland, and died in November 1879. They had eight children, two of whom were born in Cumberland, England, and one of whom was born in Scotland. The rest were born on PEI.24.

James Richards was born in 1781 in Cornwall. A shipbuilder, he came to Abney in 1808 with his wife, Susannah Phillips (also from Cornwall). They married in Guernsey in 180325. and had ten children,26. but interestingly, he willed most of his belongings to his only living daughter Harriet, stipulating that it was hers and was not to be tied to her husband.27. He died in 1863, and they still have descendants in the area.

VereBeck and his wife Elizabeth Marfleet are two of the area’s most well-known and well-studied settlers. They came to Guernsey Cove from England in 1813, and bought a 100 acre farm from Cambridge. Vere had the farm paid off by 1835 by cutting the lumber off of it, although by trade he was an engraver. He was involved in PEI politics and the land reform movement, representing the area at a time when legislative meetings were held in a pub! Vere and Elizabeth had 12 children, only one of whom died before reaching adulthood, and it’s here that their legacy lies; they have thousands of descendants.28.   

John Brooks came to PEI at the age of 22.29. He was born on January 2, 1800 in Scagglethorpe, Yorkshire, and married Frances Brown before emigrating to PEI. They had eight children.30.  John was one of the first school teachers in the area, teaching for many years at the schoolhouse in Guernsey Cove. Although the Brooks name no longer exists in Murray Harbour, there are still many descendants in the area and a lot of research has been done on the family.31. John died in 1890 in Murray Harbour at the age of 90.


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