The Tignish Medical Centre

     The Tignish Medical Centre offers numerous health related services including; dental, medical and pharmaceutical services. Gerald Handrahan was the individual that helped create this idea and make it what it is today. He originally formed a medical committee in order to purchase the home of Dr. J.A. Johnston, in order to create the home and office of Dr. Stephen Dubicanac in 1948.

     This enabled residents to receive better health services. Dr. Dubicanac left for Montreal  ten years later because the Johnston house was no longer in the shape to live in. Alma Buote graciously offered to share her home with the next doctor who set up practice in Tignish.

     During this time the Medical Committee was working away at a better method that would meet the needs of the five hundred people in the Tignish community. After many years of dicussions and meetings, March 8, 1973 came, which is the date that the Tignish Health Co-operative came to be.

     A nurse by the name of Ann Gavin also played an important role in obtaining this wonderful facility. She was honored by the Tignish Health Centre Co-operative Association on August 8, 1973, when she turned the sod for the proposed health centre building. After her retirement Gavin put all her time and energy into informing people and getting them to back the formation of a health centre. She did not make any promises that she could not keep, and she did not rely on the Government. Gavin looked into setting up a co-operative, got a building charter, and $23,000. Later on a grant came under the Federal Government's Winter Works Program. The people of Tignish then bought shares that cost $5.00, along with many generous donations from surrounding areas.  

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