Eliot River Elementary School

Eliot River Elementary School was built in 1973.  It is located in the heart of Cornwall at 79 Hilltop Drive.  A contest was held to choose a name for the new school.  Over 180 different names were submitted but the name chosen was derived from the suggestions of two Cornwall school students.  Heidi MacDonald a grade four student had written an essay suggesting the name “Lord Elliott School.”  Cammy MacPhee, a grade three student also wrote an essay suggesting the name, “Elliot Elementary.”  Both girls took felt that the Eliot River (more commonly known as the West River) was an important factor to take into consideration, as most of the students that would be attending the school were residing in the areas around the Eliot River.  The name was altered slightly which resulted in the name Eliot River Elementary School.

Eliot River was built to accommodate grades three to six, its vision statement is; “As a school community, we will help empower children: to be responsible, respectful citizens and to reach their academic potential.”1  As the community grew, the school became over-populated.  During the 1980’s, a decision was made to send the grade one and two students to the former Cornwall Junior High School (now known as the Ferry Road Centre) in an attempt to compensate for the over-population.  It then became the primary school.  At one point portable classrooms were added to one end of Eliot River School to accommodate the other grades.  In the late 1980’s, another decision was made to keep the grade one and two French immersion students at Eliot River while the grade one and two English classes continued the primary school. 

In 1991 Westwood Primary School was completed and ready to take grades one to three.  From that point on, Eliot River Elementary housed grades four to six.  Eliot River Elementary has seen many changes over the years including the Dream Park, updated playground equipment, and an ever-growing sports complex.  In 1995 the school adopted a mascot, a hound named Ozzy.  Click here to learn about Ozzy and hear the school song. 

Eliot River Elementary is gearing up for another great school year with roughly 430 students registered.

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