The Tignish Fisheries Co-op Association Ltd.

     The Tignish Fisheries began in 1924 by 36 individual fisherman and one local lawyer by the name of Chester McCarthy. The Fisheries was formed because mainland buyers were paying $0.15 for lobster but local fishermen were only getting $0.05. The fishermen realized that they had no hope of ever paying off their debts at this rate. Chester McCarthy brought the fishermen together in a joint stock company that worked by giving it's members buying and selling power that exceeded all other options. This is what formed today's large and successful Tignish Fisheries Co-operative.

     By the 1960's there were 220 faithful members! However, now a days there are less members. Instead they employee up to 350-400 workers per year!

     In 1995 the Royal Star Foods Ltd. Fisheries was constructed and became part of the Tignish Fisheries Co-op Association Ltd. Royal Star is a modern plant that has facilities for scanning lobster, freezing, cold storage, a direct sale outlet for fresh seafood and building used for salting and pickling fish.

     For more information on Royal Star Foods and how they all began please visit their website at the following link:

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