The Tignish Credit Union

     The Tignish Credit Union was first created when The Tignish Fisheries Co-op sponsored their formation in 1937. This was done by the people because very few men could get a loan when needed back in those days. The Tignish Credit Union and it's methods were an instant hit. 30-40 people joined directly after the bank was formed. Members continued to grow; the next year there were 75 members, 181 members by 1939, and by 1980 there were an astounding 4,004 members!

     The founders of the Tignish Credit Union include the following names:

          - Joseph A. Arsenault.

          - Cletus Gavin Sr.

          - Michael Martin.

          - James McInnis.

          - Joseph B. Gallant.

          - John M. Handrahan.

          - Fidele O. Bernard.

          - William J. Overback.

          - John L. Richard.

          - Fidele J. Arsenault.

          - Peter Gaudet.

          - Joseph E. Bernard.

          - Foster Skerry.

          - Amabe B. Gaudet.

          - Lea A. Gaudet.

          - Charlie Gavin.

          - Hubert Gaudet.

          - Patrick E. Hogan.

          - Gerald Handrahan.


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