The story of True Love

Joseph “Joe ”Gillis always thought that Ella MacSwain was the apple of his eye since they were very young. The two had dated for many years and thought marriage was the next step for their love for each other. They discussed marriage and knew that their grandparents would not approve due to their religion. Joe upset decided to join the army even though he was barely of age for the requirement. He joined and served until he came home on leave where he met up with Ella and thought that they should finally take the step towards marriage. The grandparents kicked up a fuss over religion that the two broke up and did not follow their hearts desires. Joe went back to war and Ella stayed home to move on with her life as best she could. They went their separate ways.
Ella later married a lovely man by the name of MacLaren from Cable Head. They we married for many years but never had children. Her husband died at the young age of thirty-two from a brain tumor. Ella then moved to live with her grandfather for many years.

Joe finally came back from war when it was over and moved in with his sister Kate Sullivan. He had never married and was still fond at heart for Ella. He visited for some time at her grandfather’s before the two finally got back together. By this time their grandparents were deceased and they had the choice of marrying. The two married on September 7th, 1955 after all the years apart in their fifties. They moved to their own place until they were not well enough and moved to Riverview Manor. Ella died of a heart attack at the age of sixty –seven leaving Joe heart broken. Joe had always expected and hoped he would pass away first as he had several heart attacks and health conditions.

Joe later moved in with Peggy Lamont as he was her Uncle and Ella was her Aunt on different sides. He lived with Peggy until he passed away with Ella never leaving his mind or heart. The two did not have many years together but the years they did have, have been well cherished. They now rest at St. Andrew’s church cemetery where they will be with each other forever.

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Written By: Crystal Callaghan from the memories of Margaret Lamont

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