Cardigan Tea Parties

Cardigan Tea Parties

Tea Parties were a very popular social event in the Cardigan community. It was seen as a chance to develop romantic relationships as one got a chance to meet with people in the community and surrounding areas. People would attend from all over the area from as far away as Souris. The tea parties would run for most of the day until the evening. There would be music provided and lots of food.

Above Picture: All Saints Church in Cardigan tea party. Courtesy of Cardigan Heritage Center

Above Picture: Courtesy of Cardigan Heritage Center
(A few girls that attended the Tea Parties) (names unknown)



Above: picture of Theresa Haggerty from the Guardian around 1985. Underneath Theresa Haggerty's picture in the paper it read: "Theresa Haggerty checks over the agenda for the old fashioned tea party in Cardigan this Sunday, the first one in 19 years."



Old Tea Party Set To Return

Cardigan -- The last old fashioned tea party was held 19 years ago, but organizers and volunteers at the All Saints Parish Church here intend to revive the gals event and will host a new tea party Sunday, July 28. The event is open to everyone. Organizer Theresa Haggerty said the party was approved as a parish affair in order to "make the people of the area feel closer to each other once again." Ms. Haggerty, who conducted a research project into the styles and types of old fashioned tea parties which once thrived across the Island, said organizers hope for a good turnout and the event is sure to attract many with a lobster and ham dinner on the menu.

1 P.M. Start

The event begins at 1 p.m. with the meal to be held from 3:30 to 7 p.m. followed by a 7 p.m. mass by Father Charles MacDonald. An auction will also be held during the day with over 100 fruit cakes up for grabs, which was a common and welcome experience during the old days when people gathered for the tea parties. The old fashioned tea party is free and will be held on the church grounds with chairman Alfred Walsh.
"Practically everyone in the parish is helping out in one way or another by baking and working towards a successful tea party, said Ms.Haggerty, who hopes the event might become an annual gathering of people in the area.

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