Videos of the Maple Syrup Making Process and Extras

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Sap Dripping- Sap dripping into a bucket at the Macphee's Apple Orchard and Maple Syrup producers.

Loading the Fire- This is a video of Richard MacPhee loading the fire into the front of the Evaporator, Which is the machine that boils off all of the water that is in the sap, and turns the sap into Maple Syrup.

Sap Process Finish to Start (Back to Front)- This is a video of the process of the Evaporator. Richard loads the wood in the front, and the process begins. In this video, it is sort of working from the last part of the process to the first. Meaning that what you are looking at in this video at first, is where the sap is in the last position of being boiled, and it is turning into syrup. As I move backward in the video, the back part of the tank, where the stove ends, and the smoke and other particles go up the pipe, you see the steam rising most at the back. This part of the tank is where most of the sap is boiled off, and it moves its way to the front, where you see the front of the stove, and more steam rises there. The front part of the tank closest to the stove is where the sap is really turning into the syrup. You also see the temperature gauge, and the tap that lets the syrup out at the first.

Syrup and some sap flowing from tap into a bucket- This video is the 2nd last part of the Maple syrup making process. This is where the Syrup is drained out of the front tank, and into a bucket that holds a cloth filter over it. The filter is held on by clothes pins. After the Syrup is filtered out, then the left over sappy syrup that is on the top of the filter is poured back into the Evaporator in order to let it turn into Syrup. The sap that was left over still has some ingredients in it that have to be boiled off again.

Skis and Ski poles and Apple Press collected over the years- Skis, ski poles, and an Apple Press that Richard and Max have collected. Max found the skis and poles. And they had the Apple Press for as long as they can remember.

The stories and everything collected on MacPhees Apple Orchard and Maple Syrup making process was collected by Betty Anne Acorn, Crystal Callaghan, and Chris Green.

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