North Cape Lighthouse


      The North Cape Lighthouse is a true historical icon here in the community of Tignish; as it is located just 12km north of here. The following is a historical time line that states the major events of this master peice:

          - In 1860 David Porter placed a portable lamp on a platform because the community had no methods of warning the incoming ships of the longest rock reef in North America.

          - In 1861 David Porter was paid $35.00 for his work.

          - On March 22, 1865 $2,000 was granted for the construction of the North Cape Lighthouse.

          - In 1866 the lighthouse was completed and a cottage for the lightkeeper to stay in was built for $750.00. The lighthouse has a octagonal shape and is built around a wooden frame. It has three different flights of stairs leading to four floor levels, along with being 23.70m in focal height. The final cost for the lighthouse according to the plans of Hon. Alex Anderson was $5,198.00.

          - In 1875 the North Cape Lighthouse was stated as one of the most important light stations in the entire Island! That same year the fourth order dioptric light was replaced for a catoptric light at the cost of $2,339.00.

          -  In 1885 new sills and anchor posts were installed to replace the old ones.

          - Somewhere between the years 1890-1913 a small wood shed was built by the edge of the cliff.

          - In the year 1945 the cliff had eroded so much that it was decided that the lighthouse had to be moved. .

          - In 1949 the move was approved.

          - The lighthouse move was completed by March 8, 1951 by Neil MacDonald with a total of $4,785.00. This was just one of six different moves that this particular lighthouse had to endure. During this same time the dwelling storage also had to be moved.

          - In 1962 the light became electrified.

          - In 1967 the light became automated.

          - In 1968 the two sheds were disposed of.


     The following is a time line of the light keepers at the North Cape lighthouse:

          - ____?____ MacDonald.

          - James Patty Phee of Norway.

          - Patrick Hogan, 1873.

          - Louis MacDonald, resigned in 1879.

          - Peter K. Perry, 1879.

          - Augustus Hackett, 1880-1900.

          - Dougal McCarthy, 20 years.

          - Mark Gaudet, 1928-1931 when wife passed away.

          - Leo Shea.

          - Wilfred Brennan.

          - Percy Morrissey, 1940-1956.

          - Everett Morrissey.

          - Basil Spearce.

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