Current Day Tignish Heritage Inn

     The current day Tignish Heritage Inn won the 1994 Architectual Preservation Award from the Board of Directors of the Prince Edward Island Museum and Heritage Foundation. The Tignish Heritage Inn is truly a thing of beauty; the same beauty that could be found at the convent years ago.

     The Inn consists of 17 amazing rooms that has been decorated with three different color schemes, while showing off breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Part of this area is the beautiful Heritage Inn Gardens. The building also includes a large conference room, kitchen, dining area, lounge, etc. Each room has been renovated while taking care to keep the culture and style alive in this building.

     Below are just a few pictures of the Tignish Heritage Inn after it was renovated from the Convent. * Rooms have currently been updated since then. For more information on the Tignish Heritage Inn, visit their website at:

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