The Convent/Tignish Heritage Inn

     The wonders of the current day Tignish Heritage Inn all began in the mid 1860's when pashioners requested to Bishop Peter MacIntyre that more additions to the educational system were needed for the good of the community. A promise was then made that a convent would be built, and that the students would be taught by some of the most respected sisters around. A short two years later the convent was completed and a letter was wrote to the sisters asking them to come to Tignish.


     In the year 1868 three sisters from the Congredation-de-Notre Dame in Montreal came to Tignish to live in the newly built convent. Their names were Sister St. Antoinette (Superior), Sister St. Joseph of Nazareth (English & Music), and Sister St. Adelard (French). They arrived on a Saturday morning in Summerside where they were welcomed with open arms by Pastor Reverend James MacDonald and given hospitality in the rectory so they could assist with Mass in the morning. The sisters then stayed in Miscouche for two days afterwards until Tuesday morning. That morning Reverend Douglad MacDonald, accompanied by Patrick Doyle met the sisters with their beautiful double seated wagon and a team of horses as they set out to meet their future home.

     The sisters received a true royal welcome as they stared amazed at the beauty of their new home. They did not take long to get to work. Classes began October 14, 1868 with a total of fourteen pupils. (Three boarders) Within the next two months the number grew to 22 pupils. The convent ran as a private girl's school for 54 years, until educational demands and finances caught up with them.


     Eleven years later grades two and three of the boy's school began their lessons in the convent and by 1942 the entire convent was co-ed. Many lessons, students, and extra curricular activities were held in the convent for a total of 97 years!.

     After this the sisters stayed in the convent until the year 1991. In 1993 Tignish Initiatives Corporation bought the convent and changed it into the current day Tignish Heritage Inn.


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