Personal Accounts & Memories of the York Point School

Leaving your mark
The following story was told by former North River Fire Chief Don MacEwen.  This event took place when the foundation was laid and renovations were being made to the school.
“Ivan Taylor always used to tell this story about my grandfather Leslie.  He was old then, about 80.  He used to walk by and see how they were getting along.  They had a little bit of a step there in front of the school and Ivan used to tell me my grandfather was walking along and seeing how they were doing and they had just finished pouring cement and he put his foot into the cement into the step going up to the school.  He was so embarrassed (laughs) he stepped in the cement but, he was over 80 years old.”42

A typical day at the school
As told by Don MacEwen.
“It was just a plain, just a little old school.  The teacher would be up at the front.  Grade 1 and 2 was always on the right side and the left side facing the windows was grade 7, 8 and 9.  The teacher would sit up front and any time we wanted to go home we would take crayons and put them on the stove and smoke it.  They’d send us home.  “Teacher the stove is smoking” Oh, the things they used to do.  And, we had an old sandbox in the back, a sandbox for your geography, learning your points and what a point looked like and peninsula, that was geography.  It was full of sand.  And we did have little science experiments.”43

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