School Boundaries 1880

 School Boundaries in 1880

The following description comes from the Eric Fullerton Collection at the Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Acc.2632/3

“Cornwall School District No. 39 in Queens Co. is defined as follows: That is to say beginning at Enoch Drake’s east line and running thence north along said line to his north line thence west line along said line to rear of Malcolm Murchison’s land, northward along said rear to James Howards south line, east along said line to his east line, north along said line to north line west along said line to rear of D. Scott’s land, thence north in west lines of D. Scott and T.K. Mayhew to John Walker’s south west angle of land; thence east in J. Walker’s south line to Tryon Rd; thence by this road afore-said to Thomas Heartz south line, thence west along north line of John Conway’s land to road leading to East Wiltshire, thence north by said road to the line dividing the farms of Robert Frizzle and Samuel Howard; thence west in said line to west line of lot 32; thence south in said line to Richard Leonard’s north line, thence west to Mr. Leonard’s west line, thence south in said line to road leading to Clyde River; thence to John McQuarries west line, thence south his south line, thence eastwardly along north line to Joseph Hyde and Janes Drake and south line of P. Costello to Henry Drake’s west line, thence north to Henry Drake’s  north line; thence east by the creek to F. Crosby’s east line; thence east to the creek and thence by the creek and share to the place of commencement.”
                                                             Registered herein March 6, 1882

The map below indicates the school boudaries outlined in red.  The map comes from the 1880 Meacham Atlas (the boundaries lines added using the Paint program).  The lines follow the description as closely as possible, with some uncertainty around the boarder of Lot 31.  Over-all though, it provides a fairly clear defined boundary.

school boundaries

To compare the school boundaries as they are today please click here

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