Cornwall Schools

Throughout the history of the community, Cornwall has seen eight schools.  There are currently four schools in Cornwall; Montessori Academy, Westwood Primary, Eliot River Elementary and East Wiltshire Junior High School.  These schools are relatively new when compared to the age of the community.  Prior to the establishment of these four schools, there was an original one-room school house in Cornwall.  That school was closed in 1963 and a new school which is now known as the Ferry Road Centre was built.  There were also one room school houses in the former communities of York Point and East Wiltshire. (As an interesting side note, one could argue that there were actually nine schools.  During the 1960’s the population began to grow in the Cornwall area and there was no longer enough room in the one-room East Wiltshire School to accommodate all the students.  A decision was made to move several classes to the North River hall.  Therefore, for a short period of time, there was also a “school” at North River.)

In the beginning, it was the Colonial or ‘Federal’ Government who took responsibility for education which happened in 1846, even before "Canada" existed.  During that year the first education act was passed which authorized the payment of teachers.  Settlers had arrived on Prince Edward Island many years prior to that time and rudimentary instruction for children had been somewhat established.  The first board of education came in 1831 and the first record of a school visitor report came in 1837.  Fifteen years later in 1852 the Free Education Act was passed which provided for almost all the teacher salaries.1  School records for the Cornwall area begin with the name of the first teacher, Malcolm Darrach in 1848.2

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Cornwall School York Point East Wiltshire
Cornwall School York Point School East Wiltshire School
Ferry Rd. Centre Eliot River
Ferry Road Centre/ Cornwall Junior High School Eliot River Elementary School
EWJHS westwood
East Wiltshire Junior High School Westwood Primary School
Island Montessori Academy - Cornwall Campus


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