Shipping Registery

The following information was collected from the "P.E.I. Registry of Ships 1787-1914" binder at the Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown.  The information was collected and and compiled by the Maritime History Archive at Memorial University in Newfoundland.  The abbreviations found in the table are explained below.  Only the information pertaining to the Cornwall area was extracted from the binder.

REGNO = Vessel Registration #
VESNA =  Vessel Name
OFFNO =  Official #
BLDPL =  Place of build
CLSPL =  Where incident occurred causing closure
OWNERS = Owners place of residence
BLDYR =  Year built
DECKS =  # of decks
MASTS =  # of masts
OWNER =  Owner’s surname
OWNFS =  Owner’s first name
OCCUPATION =  Owner’s occupation
SHARES =  # of shares
TONGRO =  Gross tonnage of vessel
RIG =   Rig of vessel
CLSYR =  Year Registry closed
WHYCL =  Why Registry closed

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