Shipping Terms

Shipbuilding and Nautical Terms

Barque: A vessel with three (or more) masts with square sails on the fore and main masts, and fore and aft sails on the after mast, generally 250-700 ton capacity.14

Brig: A vessel with two masts with square sails on each; normally 150-300 ton capacity.15

Brigantine: A vessel with two masts, carrying square sails on the foremasts, and fore and aft sails on the main mast; generally 100-250 ton capacity, although some Island-built vessels exceeded 400 tons.16

Mast: A spar set upright from the deck, to support rigging, yards, and sails, masts are whole or made.17

Schooner: A vessel with two (or more) masts, with fore and aft sails on both masts; generally less than 150 tons, although some of the three-masted schooners constructed on the Island in the early 1880’s exceeded 700 tons.18

Sloop: A vessel with a single mast, fore and aft rigged; generally less than 25 tons.19

Snow: A brig carrying a square mainsail and often a spanker on a trysail mast.20

Spar: A pole or a beam.21

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