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As printed in the PEI Register 26 July, 1823

SHIP-BUILDING - We have the pleasure of noticing the progress and increase of this business, within this two or three years past - a number of very fine vessels have been built, some of which have been noted for their workmanship and swift sailing, and have been employed in the most special trades in England and elsewhere. In addition to the benefits derived by the country from this business, it is also a means of employment for many ingenious and industrious workmen, therefore, we hope it may be continued with success and profit to those who are engaged.

We here subjoin a list of vessels lately launched.

At York River, Mr. Cooksey, a Brig.


The Colonial Herald, Sat. Jan. 11, 1840, p.3
Wanted for the above business, two Apprentices.  They must be boys of steady habits, and who are willing to become bound for a term of not less than five years.
Apply to William White, Elliot River


The Colonial Herald, Sat. May 23, 1840 p.3 (partial)
…. The seal Fishery on the Newfoundland coast has proved unusually productive this season.  The Newfoundlander of the 16th April, contains a list of several vessels which had arrived at that date, with cargoes averaging about 4000 each.  The price they had obtained for the seals was 7s.  Halifax currency.
In the list referred to, we observe the names of two vessels, built by Mr. William White of Elliot River, in this Island, which are amongst the best fished – the returns being as follows: -
Mary, Bartlett,  6247
Topaz, Furneaux, 4300


Prince Edward Island Gazette, Saturday December 16, 1820 p. 4
Is hereby given that John Murphy, an indented Apprentice has absented himself from my Service for some time past without cause.  I hereby warn all Person from harbouring or employing him, as they will be prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the Law.
Wm. White


The Islander, Friday February 26, 1858, p.3
At York Point, on Tuesday last, the 23d instant, Mr. William White, aged 68 years, a native of East Looe, Cornwall; has resided on this Island for 42 years, during which period has been extensively engaged in shipbuilding; and highly respected as a man of integrity and uprightness.  His loss will be deeply felt by his wife and family, and by a large circle of relatives and friends.

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