Ship Launches

Ship Launches

The Prince Edward Island Register, Tuesday Aug. 16, 1825, p. 3
On Saturday The Jane, a barque of 300 Tons, built for Messrs. Dodd & Peake, was launched at Mill Creek on the Elliot River.

PEI Register 10 July, 1827:
A brig called the Thomas Fox, of 166 tons was launched on Saturday from the Ship Yard of Mr. Simon Dodd, York River.

Royal Gazette Tues., 15 Aug., 1837:
FOR FREIGHT or CHARTER, TO NEWFOUNDLAND or elsewhere, The staunch new Schr. CLARINDA, burthen 80 tons, is now ready to take in a Cargo. Apply at the Royal Gazette Office, or to WM. WHITE. Elliot River, August 14.

Royal Gazette, Tuesday Oct. 29, 1839 p.3
Launches: - At Elliot River, on the 23d inst. From, the ship-yard of Mr. William White, a Schooner of 132 tons, called Topaz, built for Mr. H.J. Furneaux, of St. John’s N.F. …
At Elliot River, on the 24th inst. A fine Brig of 213 tons old measurement, and 201 new, called the Ellen Forrestall, built for Donald MacDonald, E.s.q. of Charlottetown…

Royal Gazette 18 Oct., 1842:
On the 5th inst. from the Ship Yard of Mr. W. White, Elliot River, a brigantine called the Elizabeth

Royal Gazette, Tuesday, Aug. 29, 1843 p.3
On the 11th inst. From the shipyard of Mr. William White, Elliot River, a well built schooner called Ceres of 39 tons…

The Palladium, October 22, 1844:
On Saturday last, October 19, 1844, from Mr. William White's shipyard, Elliot River, Brigantine The Sisters, owned by Mr. White.

The following is a more elaborate and detailed announcement;

PEI Register, 12 Jun., 1827:

LAUNCHES.-- On Monday, the 31st ult., the William Dodd, a fine copper fastened brig of 140 tons, built for Mr. Simon Dodd, was launched at Pinette.

The Norval of 359 tons, built by Messrs. Pope, was launched yesterday, at Brighton on the York River. Precisely at eleven o'clock, the preparations being completed, she glided majestically off the stocks into the briny flood amidst the cheers of the gay assemblage of spectators attracted from Charlotte-Town by the fineness of the day, who manifested a lively interest in the animating spectacle.

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