Cornerstone Baptist Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church

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The front entrance to Cornerstone Baptist Church Inside Cornerstone Baptist Church

The Cornerstone Baptist Church is actually the second Baptist Church to be formed in Cornwall.  The first Baptist Church closed its doors in 1973 due to declining membership.  Twenty years later the Cornerstone Baptist Church was built in Cornwall.  The Cornerstone Baptist church was founded in 1987 with 22 charter members.  Elwood Bannister was the first pastor, and began with services at East Wiltshire School.  During his first service in 1987, he preached to 20 people.  It was not an easy road to establish the church.  They had received a strong message from the Convention Home Mission Board in the early 1990’s: “grow the church or put it down.”  With that message, Pastor Jack Willet with his congregation of 25 people turned the sod for Cornerstone’s first church, located in Cornwall.1

A “Dedication Weekend” took place on November 5, 1993 for the new facility.  Five years later membership consisted of 33 people.  A major change came in 1999 when the church, under the pastoral leadership of Stewart Dockendorff, brought in Pastor Dana Ingersoll.  Everything was rebuilt, from Sunday morning worship services to different forms of ministry.  Cornerstone had grown from an average of 33 people to 127 by 2003.  In that same year the Family Life Centre was added and in March of 2009 there was a grand opening of the current facility in Cornwall.2  Today the congregation consists of over 250 people.3

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