The Walshs

Interesting story about the Welshs 

{Information was extracted from Louis MacDonald’s interview with Dutch Thompson and from Barb MacFarlane’s (Louis’s daughter) interview with Jaemi James-Grant.  The story has been pieced together to the best of my ability.}

Thomas Welsh (Walsh) died in 1872 at the age of 54.15  Thomas had two sons who also became blacksmiths in Cornwall, Michael and David.  It is said that David died at the age of 37, while Michael moved to Colorado and became a blacksmith there.  Michael Walsh married Emily Leonard who was the sister of Louis MacDonald’s mother Isabel.  The story goes that Emily moved to the Boston States to work as a domestic, as many young women did at the time.  As for Michael, he had heard about the need for blacksmiths in Colorado, so he made his way to Red Cliff.  Apparently he had a debt to pay or a disagreement regarding taxes and had gone back to Prince Edward Island to settle the situation.  As he made his way back to Colorado he found Emily Leonard and asked her to marry him.  She said yes and they were married in Colorado.  It was said that Michael always held a grudge against the Island and never returned.  He in turn never allowed his wife to return either.  Both are buried in Red Cliff Colorado.

Thomas Welsh’s obituary can be found on page 2 of the August 22, 1872 edition of the Patriot. 
‘At Cornwall, on Saturday, the 17th inst., after a severe illness of two months, which he bore with patient resignation to the Divine Will, Thomas Walsh, in the 54th year of his age, leaving a disconsolate widow and six children.  The deceased, who resided in Cornwall from his boyhood, was known throughout long role of friends and relatives, for his honesty and integrity, and is mourned in his death, as the loss of a good and benevolent neighbor.’16

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