The North River Post Office

The North River Post Office

The North River post office opened in 1872.1  It was in operation for almost one hundred years before it was closed permanently and mail for the area was processed through the Cornwall post office.  Donald Ramsay was the last postmaster before its closure in 1969.  He ran the post office from his store in North River from 1951 to 1969. Donald’s daughter Wilma would often help him sort the mail.  Donald recalls quite a lot of mail coming through the post office and it came from ‘all over’. The process in North River was much the same as it was in Cornwall.  The mail was delivered from Charlottetown, sorted in to boxes and the rest was delivered by the mail carrier.  Rural delivery started around the year 1917 and Lem Coles was the first carrier.2  The carrier for the North River area was Jack MacPhail.

Many Cornwall residents also remember when Neil Matheson ran the post office from 1940 to 1951.  The post office was located in the same place, at the back of the store.  After the post office was closed, Cornwall RR4 was established which included the North River area as well as Warren Grove, East Wiltshire and York Point.3

Donald Ramsay store

Photo of Donald Ramsay's store/post office.  Courtesy of Donald Ramsay

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