Personal Accounts and Memories of the Cornwall Post Office

Cornwall Post Office – Personal Accounts

A family Business
Alice Wilson’s father, Hazen Howard, ran the general store and post office while she was growing up in Cornwall.  Alice remembers the post office being a busy place, there was always lots of people coming and going.  She remembers the mail carrier, Billy MacManus coming from Charlottetown to deliver the mail.  When he arrived in Cornwall he would change horses and continue on to Bonshaw.  Most people received letters, but some would also receive packages, especially during war time.  Another interesting story that Alice recounted was that residents were responsible for breaking the road on their property and even cutting down their fences in the winter-time to allow the mail courier to drive through!11

Mail delivery, snow or shine!
In Louis MacDonald’s interview with Dutch Thompson, he had this to say about the mail delivery in Cornwall;
“The mail coming through?!  The mail come through when it hardly fit to get out to the road.  MacManus and MacNevin took turns.  But it was part of your duty you were required to open the road in front of your property so you get a nor-easter and then often you know she’d swing around to the Nor-west and turn cold.  Well I didn’t but the farmers went out and shoveled the big banks and the first one they’d open the road see the road would be going along the main road well they’d go into the field where there was a big bank.  They’d shovel it then the last thing some farmer would put a horse in a bare wood sleigh and go on a couple of turns and that was called breaking the road, and you had to do it after every major storm”12

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