Personal Accounts and Memories of The North River Store

All about the store
“Yeah, well, there used to be gas tanks at Ramsay’s store at York Point.  It used to be run by a guy named Neil Matheson when I was a kid.  Neil didn’t have any family.  He was a pretty straight laced old guy.  He didn’t want to be snitching his bananas or something, he’d be chasing you.  He used to have big long stalks of bananas hanging in three.  Some of the kids used to try and snitch them from him.  They were a nice couple.  They ran the store when I was a kid for years.  And then, Donald Ramsay, he bought it.  Him and his wife bought it.  And then they came down and when they put the highway through where it is going down.  Like, the highway wasn’t there when I was a kid.  There was a big frog pond there by the rink is and all that.”8 – Contributed by Howie MacPhail

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