Personal Accounts and Memories of the Cornwall Hall

Personal Accounts and Memories of the Cornwall Community Hall

A Hair-raising Experience
Former Cornwall resident Barb MacFarlane shared the following story about a time when the school children were practicing for the Christmas concert at the community hall.
“I remember one time and I don’t remember who the girl was but her hair caught fire with the candle.  You know how you would go out with a real candle.  And so, they got that out in a hurry.  And, I remember being terrified after that, that I would either light someone else’s (hair on) fire or someone would light mine.  The things you remember (laughs).”10

Structure of the Building
"They used to have community concerts in the hall too.  Like, it was used by our community and others.  It was the Women’s Institute that ran the hall.   And, they had a stage and curtains.  It was quite a nice hall.  Had a sloped floor like a theatre.  It wouldn’t be that different than Victoria now.  It would be very much the same.”11 – Shared by Don Lowther

Events at the hall
“OH, they’d have Christmas concerts.  We always had Christmas concerts there.  They would have suppers.  I remember going to chicken suppers or roast beef suppers.  Women’s Institutes would put on dinners there.  And we’d have plays.  I remember my husband was in a three act play once, a long time ago.  They’d spend the winter practicing and then they’d go traveling around to different halls in the summer with it.  Yeah, they kept it going pretty well with different things. Concerts and things.  We always had our Christmas concert there.”12 – Shared by Audrey Godfrey.

Play Play

These two photos are courtesy of Lance and Phyllis Lowther.  Theatrical productions were common at the Cornwall hall, these are some of the players.

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