Silver Fox Industry

     The Silver Fox industry used to be known as one of the largest industries here in Tignish. Along with Sir Charles Dalton being the largest name known in this industry. He always had a love for the industry. Ever since he was young he could be found hunting and trapping foxes.


     In the year 1895 Sir Charles Dalton and his partner Robert T. Oulton had  officially breeded a mature litter of silver fur fox. They opened their first ranch in a place known as "Salvage Island" that can be located near Alberton and by the year 1898 they had two seperate ranches all together.

     The ranches would have 500 foxes available at one time. Breeders would come from all around the world such as Japan, Holland and Scandinavian countries.

    Many other people seen how well Sir Charles Dalton was doing in this industry, and thought that they would do the same. Eventually he sold off his business for over a million dollars just on his part. It ended up being that he did this just in time. In later years foxes began to be "out of fashion" and the demand went down. Many people had to sell out their companies; some with a heavy loss.

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