Tignish Sports Recreation Association

     The Tignish Sports Recreation Association officially began in the year 1963 when a group of local volunteers got together and formed the group. The group began to be in charge of providing, maintaining, and administering facilities for recreational and athletic activities for the community of Tignish and it's surrounding areas.

     In 1964 the Centennial Arena was built. In 1967 a roof was raised over the rink and a concrete ice pad was installed shortly after in the early 70's. Then in 1979 the Centennial Arena was rebuilt, which included a new roof and a clubroom in the front of the upper level.


     However, everyone knows that things can only last so long due to weather conditions and old age. Sure enough over the years the Centennial Arena's roof began to deteriorate, the concrete pad was cracking, the ice surface boards were too high, their was not enough space to accomodate the growing interest in sports from girls who needed their own changing rooms, and there were many safety issues that needed to be updated as soon as possible.

     The Board got right to work and appointed a building committee. The tasks of this committee was to choose the most feasable and responsible method of dealing with all of the above issues. The two main decisions to choose from were to fix all of these problems by building and replacing many aspects of the rink, or to build an entire new one.

     It was decided that a brand new arena would be the best decision in the long run and overall. With the help of the Government, the community and everyone else involved the previous arena was demolished by April 2006 and reopened November 1, 2006!


     This new arena has done very well for itself and the community. It is the proud home of Tignish's Minor Hockey Program and the Silver Wings Figure Skating. The rink holds many things for the community such as dances, bingo, ice times, and the famous Irish Moss Festival. This community and it's people would not be complete without the Sports Recreation Association.

For more information on the rink and what they have to offer please visit the following link: http://www.tignish.com/arena/.

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