Tignish Post Office

     The Tignish Post Office is a historical icon here in Tignish. It was built because of the efforts of two great politicians known as Charles Dalton, and Dr. Patrick Charles Murphy. It was built between the years of 1911-1912 by J.M Clark for $19,000.00. It was designed in a neo-romanesquw style by David Ewart; chief architect with the Department of Public Works from 1897-1914, and it is the only building designed by him on PEI. It was declared a "National Heritage Building" in 1987.


     The most unique feature about this post office is the rare clock located inside of it. This grand clock was made by W.F. Evans & Sons, Soho Clock Factory Birmingham, England. In 1981 it's machanism was restored by Sargisson-Friesen and Larry S. Perry, a Tignish jeweller was commissioned to look after the upkeep of the clock. In 1981 the clock was restored by Gary Friesen, Victoria PEI and Roy Sargisson Lincolnshire, England. By doing this the PEI Heritage Award was given to the Tignish Post Office that same year.


     The following are the previous post masters from the Tignish Post Office:

          - Nicholas Conroy 1841.

          - Martin Walsh 1849.

          - William Hubbard 1853.

          - Robert Bellin 1858.

          - A. MacLean 1865.

          - T. Wade 1865.

          - Thomas Fairbairn 1866 & 1872.

          - Edward Hackett 1867.

          - Dennis Carroll 1869.

          - R.M. Carroll 1871 & 1973.

          - Sylvain Perry 1875.

          - Frances Gallant 1894.

          - Jeremiah Buote 1905.

          - John H. Bernard 1909.

          - J. Albert Brennan 1912.

          - Peter P. Cahill 1916.

          - Timothy P. Bernard 1937.

          - John Narcisse Richard 1940.

          - Kathleen C. Brennan 1950.

          - J. Hector Buote 1951.

          - William C. Glydon 1975.

          - Alice M. Christopher 1998.

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