The Eastern Kings area was the location of many forges (blacksmith) operations.  Most communities had one if not more located within their limits. 

     In the Kingsboro area, Mr. David Young operated a forge.  At the time of publication of the Historical Sketch of Eastern Kings cinders were still being ploughed up.

     Mr. William Ford had one in operation across from Mr. Havelock Robertson’s.

     In Kingsboro Mr. Charles Ford owned a blacksmith operation. As well, one in Munns Road was owned by Duncan Robertson.

     Seldon and Wilfred MacLean owned a forge in Kingsboro. This shop housed a large stumping hoe, a Native Tomahawk, an axe and a pair of oxen shoes.

     In 1943, Mr. Kenneth MacGregor opened his own forge, also in Kingsboro, after spending much time learning the trade from Mr. Wilfred MacLean and Mr. Fulton Robertson, who operated in Hunter River, PEI.

     Mr. Paddy McInnis owned and operated a small productive store and blacksmith forge that housed three fireplaces.

     Mr. Lachlan MacDonald operated a forge in Lakeville.

     Mr. Clarence MacDonald operated a blacksmith and forge in Bothwell.

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