Baker's Saw Mill


Baker’s Saw Mill[i]

     Carl Baker owns and operates Baker’s Saw mill, still in operation today and located on Munns Road. The mill was opened in 1948 by Mr. Lyman Baker and his brother Irving.  Soon after opening, Lyman began operating alone.  Mr. Baker hired help for many years after this until his sons, Winston and Carl, were old enough to help out.  Mr. Baker began his lumber business because of he did not have interest in farming; he grew some potatoes but was not interested in raising animals.  At the peak of its operation, Baker’s Mill supplied lumber to many businesses and people in eastern PEI. 

     The mill bought logs from local suppliers and turned those logs into raw lumber for farmers, fishermen or local contractors.  The mill, as with any other businesses, had many ups and downs in its operational life; it required constant repairs and up-keep to the machinery, as well as changes in supply and demand.  

     In 1974, a fire destroyed the original Baker’s Sawmill.  The fire began in the mill’s motor in the downstairs area.  The engine was running at the time and the fire was quickly fuelled by the fierce wind; the mill was burned entirely to the ground within half an hour.  The community of Eastern Kings jumped in to support Mr. Baker and his business.

     Carl still saws lumber at the mill, less often than previous years but local farmers and fishermen still require raw lumber from time to time.  At one time, the mill also crushed grain for local farmers to feed their animals.

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