MacAulay, Dot

Above: Dot MacAulay and Wayne Rostad
(Wayne's CBC show was called "On The Road Again")

Dot Anne Byrne was born to the parents Lawrence and Lydia Doyle of Cardigan North. She married Daniel MacAulay of Cardigan and raised a family of eight in the William Ryan homestead where Dot lived as a child after her family moved from Cardigan North. Dot’s mother came from a family with music at its roots as she was known for singing in church choir with her sisters growing up. As her children remember, Dot started out her singing at home or when driving in the car when no one was around to hear but her children. She could play the guitar, and her daughter Gerry remembers as a child seeing her mother play a pump organ. Dot started to sing at benefits sometime between 1976- 1977. Gerry recalled that the first time that Dot performed on stage was with her daughters at Cardigan Consolidated School. This fueled Dot’s singing as she continued to play at benefits, senior citizen’s centres, Cardigan Day and many other events. After much encouraging from the family she recorded her first recording in Charlottetown at H&M Productions on Cornwall Road. The cassette was called the Maple Leaf Song and featured one of her best known and loved song of Dot’s “The Maple Leaf”. The song focused on how special we are to be a Canadian and live on Canadian soil. Dot received the ECMA "Stomping Tom Award” in 1996 which is given to people that are not publicly recognized for their work.



Below:  Dot MacAulay’s first and only recording recording that reflects her Canadian spirit through music.


Written by Crystal Callaghan and Betty Anne Acorn

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