Eastern Kings Community Centre

Eastern Kings Community Centre [i]  


     In the year 1976 the community center on Munns road went under construction, and was completed in a hasty 4 to 5 months timeframe. This large community center has played a key role in many of the social gatherings of people both inside and just outside of the Eastern Kings area. Holding numerous types of social events including everything from dances, to wedding receptions, to suppers, to showers, to local theatre, to family reunions, and even fundraisers and benefit concerts; the community center has seen much use over the years. It is also home to local organizations such as the Seniors Group, 4-H club, community school and Small Halls. As well it has housed the Eastern Kings CAP site program since 2010; this program allows anybody free access to the internet, whether it’s just to surf the web or if they are simply eager to learn how to use a computer, all are welcome.

     From November of 2010 until April of 2011, the Eastern Kings Community center had received major renovations. Including but not limited to a completed kitchen facility where everything from the cabinetry to the commercial stainless steel oven-stove is brand new, a completely redone theatre stage and dressing room, a new and improved ticket booth, a room which houses the Eastern Kings Cap Site and a cozy new office space, not forgetting the updated bar area providing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during some events.


Eastern Kings Community Centre
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