St. Columba

St. Columba Hall   

    On the day of January 30th 1917 while the Parish Priest Rev. Bernard Gillis was stationed at the St. Columba Church, it sadly went afire and was burned to the ground. That summer the construction of the St. Columba Hall began; with Stephen MacAulay as the carpenter in charge and with the aid of his assistants, one of which was Joe MacDonald.

     After the church burned down and before the hall was ready to be used, the Old Cheese factory (where now you will find the Baker's mill) building was where Sunday Mass, Baptisms and other religious meetings took place. It wasn’t until late that same summer that two more changes took place; first of which was the assigning of a new St. Columba Parish Priest by the name of Rev. Ronald J. MacDonald, and second was the completion of the St. Columba hall. It was at this time that the hall was then used to hold regular Sunday mass among all other religious events, while the planning and executing of the new St. Columba Church was being completed.

     After the completion of the new St. Columba Church in 1920 the hall was then mainly used for several types of social events, some of which were: lobster suppers, chicken suppers, concerts, whist parties, dances and tea parties. Then in the 1960s the St. Columba hall received much needed renovations of which many alterations took place; two of which were a new shingled roof and a lowered interior ceiling.

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