Kingsboro Hall

     In a room built just atop the Kingsboro school room, is where the original hall was situated. During which time it was mainly used as a meeting place for the Orange Lodge group, and was where several different types of concerts and plays were practiced and performed.

     It wasn't until 1928 that a new Kingsboro Hall was built, this time it was made into a two storey building; with one floor being mostly used by the Orange Lodge group and the other by the Kingsboro Women's Institute who of course used the space to hold many of their conventions. This new hall also accommodated Halloween parties, showers, community socials, debates, temporary church services and Christmas Programs. During the annual Christmas concert; it was noted that groups from outside the Eastern Kings district, were invited to perform their own plays as well. Of course this would sometimes turn into a feud of which group could perform the best play. None the less the concerts were remembered as a great time for students as they were given time away from studies to rehearse.

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