East Baltic

East Baltic Hall

     On November 10th 1910 a group of eleven men from the Baltic road community, met to discuss and consider building a Hall in the East Baltic area. Once the group had decided to go through with the project, they appointed a building committee made up of the following members: Freeman Stewart, George Robertson, Albert Garrett, Peter Rose, and Robert MacGregor. Later the committee appointed May Robertson as Superintendent and William Fraser as Assistant Superintendent.

     The hall in earlier days was used mostly for the purpose of such things as: Sunday school, A Temperance Lodge group meeting place on Tuesdays, the Christian Endeavour’s group met there on Thursdays and also adult male and female education classes were put on during the week. Special programs were of course put on during Christmas and Easter celebrations. The people of the Baltic and Red Point shared the hall for major events

     In later years the Sunday school Picnic became the most eagerly awaited event by the locals; an event whereby a large swing would be put up among other entertainment and tables full of food and home baked goods were provided as well. Strawberry season was an exciting time for local residents, as homemade strawberry ice cream and cakes were sold at the hall during that time of the year. More common events that were held at the hall were such things as farmer’s meetings, Women’s Institute Conventions, Bridal Showers and numerous locally created/performed concerts.

     By 1960 the Sunday school classes no longer took place at the East Baltic Hall, instead they were held at the Kingsboro Church. Only a few short years after the change, the hall itself was sold and taken to a different site for private use. Today nothing but trees and field are all that is left to see at the location of the once spirited and lively East Baltic Community Hall.

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