Eastern Kings Consolidated

Eastern Kings Consolidated [i]    

     The process of consolidation of the schools in Eastern Kings began with discussions during the 1967-1968 school years and was realized in the 1969-70 school year. This saw the demise of the one-room school that taught grades 1-8 and saw these one-room schools grouped together so that each school taught only two or three grades. The district of each school changed to take in the whole area of the schools that were grouped together, so that the number of students in each school would have stayed relatively the same, but there would be fewer grades for each of the teachers to teach. This family of schools idea continued until the new school, Eastern Kings Consolidated, was built during the 1975 school year and opened in the spring of that same year.

     School groupings from 1969-74:

Kingsboro - grades 1-3     Lakeville - grades 1-3     South Lake - grades 1-3
East Baltic - grades 4-6     Priest Pond - grade 4-6   East Point - grade 4-6
Red Point - grades 7-8     Elmira - grades 7- 8         North Lake - grades 7-8

     The grouping changed in the year 1974-1975. This change was facilitated to make for a smooth transition into the new school in the spring of 1975

South Lake: Grade 1- Teacher- Fran Rose and Grade 2 -Teacher - Brenda MacGregor

Kingsboro: Grade 3- Teacher - Nellie Rose

Lakeville: Grade 4 - Teacher - Bernadette MacInnis

Lakeville: Grade 5- Teacher - Mary Ryan

Red Point: Grade 6- Teacher - Sinnott Mullally

North Lake: Grade 7- Teacher - Barbara Bailey

Red Point: Grade 8- Teacher - Barbara Baker

Principle: Eugene Hennessey

     When the school groups came into effect in 1969 we also had a bussing system developed to get students to their schools each day and home again in the evenings. It has seen a number of changes in routes, destinations (from the various one-roomed schools to the consolidated school) and drivers over the years but it still gets all of the students to school each day and home in the afternoons.

     Bus Drivers:

Kenny Fraser 1969-1985
Alvin Rose 1969-1974
Emeric Holland 1969-1985
Douglas Morrow 1985-1993
Edgar Dixon 1974 - 2009
David Outhouse 1985-2009

     Eastern Kings Consolidated School is located on Munn’s Road. The land for the school was purchased from Mrs. James Jardine in 1969 and the new school was built in 1974-1975.  The school was a prominent symbol in Eastern Kings for 34 years, until it was closed by the Eastern School Board, in 2009 because of the small number of students then attending.  The school was later demolished in 2010/2011.

     The first year the school opened the student number started off at 175 and slowly went to down to 55 students in its last year of operation. During the entirety if its running it was not only a used as a school but; it housed the local Community School classes, it was used as the Eastern Kings Cap Site, it held many extra curricular activities including; sports, concerts, pot luck dinners, meet and greet sessions, and much more.  The school was known on the island as “small school”, with few students, but, many believe this to be the reason for the excess of school spirit and closeness felt by not only the students and staff, but by everyone in the community of Eastern Kings.  The land was donated back to the community and the existing students moved to Souris Consolidated School, to continue their studies.

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