Red Point

Red Point School [i]

     The Red Point School had grades 1- 10, and was established in the early 1900’s. A second school was built in the 1920’s. It was large school compared to others with two stories. It was located on the main highway between Red Point and Black Pond.  It got moved the late 1980’s and was converted into a summer home. The land was given back to its previous owners after the building was moved.  The district covered the area from Black Pond to the end of the Snake Road. They studied Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math, Geography, Geometry, Farm Practice, Canadian History, English, Grammar, Algebra, French and Drawing. Some of the teachers at the Red Point School were: Winnifred MacInnis, Velma (Robertson) Garrett, Annie MacKinnon, Beth (Fraser) Ching, Reta Rice, Roman Peters, Annie Rose, Marie Sommers, Susan Mallard, Pat MacInnis, Tillie Brennan, Cornelius MacLean, Leah (Davidson) Kennedy, Cornelius Samphey, Florence MacLean, Mabel Grant, Barbara Baker and Marie Russell.

     The students who would stay at the school for lunch would have time to play with their friends after they finished eating their lunch. At lunch and at recess time the students loved to play games such as tag, baseball, and Ring around the Rosie. In the winter the students loved to go coasting on hills around the school

     Students at the Red Point School had important roles with helping out with the daily chores. The students were responsible for cleaning the black boards, bringing in wood for the stove and keeping the wood stove going, sweeping the floors, dusting the desks and keeping a constant water supply. Teachers who lived outside the area would board at houses within the community.

     Meeting places in the area were the Baltic and Kingsboro Halls. These two halls were used for concerts, Sunday school, and School/Community suppers. Fundraising activities were held in the community for the upkeep of the school and the community halls.


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