Priest Pond

Priest Pond

     The Priest Pond School was built in 1902 and it opened in 1903. The school had grades 1 to 10. The subjects taught at the school were: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Spelling, British, Canadian History, Geography, Science, French, Algebra and Geometry, English, Grammar and Health.

     The school District served from Mary Ryan’s in Rock Barra at the west to, Tom MacEachern’s at the East end of the district. Some of the teachers at the school were: Flora MacIsaac, Peggy Campbell, Janette MacInnis, Joe MacDonald, Mr. DesRoches, Rene Doucette, Helen Gillis, Eileen MacEachern, Anna (Rose) MacAulay, Marguerite MacMahon, Genevieve (Campbell) Holland, Bernice MacPhee, Albert Mooney, Patrick Holland, Sadie Mooney, Molly Campbell, Rene Doucette, Gene MacAulay, Mary Ryan, and Helen Gillis.

     Most of the students that attended the Priest Pond School walked a kilometer or more to school each day. For lunch most students brought their lunches so they could stay and eat lunch with all their friends. The students also had two ten minute recesses one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. The children loved to play games such as tag and ball. The children loved to go coasting and have snowball fights in the winter time. The children also liked to pick spruce gum in the woods and pick apples.

     Like most other one-room schools the children that attended this school had chores to do. The students were responsible for sweeping the floors, cleaning the blackboards, gather wood for the fire, taking in drinking water and the older boys were in charge of lighting the fire.

     The school had a visit once or twice a year from the Superintendent Mr. Harold Hynes. Mr. Hynes would ask the students and teachers questions to check to see how they were doing. He also checked the condition of the school and its facilities.

     A Red Cross Nurse came to the school once a year to check all the students for head lice, to check their eye sight and to check their teeth.The School was part of the Eastern Kings family of schools. The Consolidation of Schools was in 1965. This school was open until at least 1968.


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