Kingsboro School         

         The Kingsboro School opened in 1936 and was located on the property now owned by David MacAulay. The school district was from the Snake Road to Preston Coffin’s house in Bothwell. The school had grades 1-10. Subjects taught at the school were Reading, Writing, Geography, Algebra, Math, Science, History, Literature, French, Grammar, & Health. The student’s received a mark for each of the subjects that recorded on their report cards. The school closed in the 1970’s.

Most of the students walked to and from school each day. Those who lived close would go home for their lunch and return to school for the afternoon. Those who lived farther away they would bring their lunches with them and stay at the school for their lunch hour. If the weather was really bad those students who would normally go home for lunch would bring their lunch with them. Those students, who walked to school every day sometimes got a treat of a horse and sleigh ride to school, by their father or by one of their neighbors who would pick up kids along the way to the school.

At recess time the students would rush outside to play. Some of the common games were baseball and tag. In the winter the kids loved to go coasting on nearby hills.The students at the Kingsboro School didn’t go on any field trips, however they did have a picnic at the end of the school year and they did have a Christmas concert which was held in the Kingsboro Hall.

The Women's Institute was a big part of the School. They provided a lot of things that were needed within the school. Some of the teachers at the Kingsboro School were: Joe MacDonald, Florence McLean, Abigail Stewart, Joanne MacAulay, Audrey Robertson, Erma Stewart, Inez Dixon, Leah (Davidson) Kennedy, Rita MacKinnon, Adele Cheverie, and Maude Dixon.

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