East Point

East Point School 

     East Point school was first build in the early 1900's by the residents of the area, with an addition added around 1938. East Point school was home to grades one to ten where students studied the "3 R’s" (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic), Spelling, British and Canadian History, Geography, and Nature Studies. The school was located at the end of the Lighthouse Road, where Laura and Joe MacDonald’s house is now located.

     Students would have an hour at noon for lunch and two ten minute breaks during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. At recess they would play baseball and other outdoor games in the spring and fall, skating and sledding in the winter and on stormy days they would play cards indoors.

     Students did not have field trips back then but they did have school fairs and the Christmas concerts each year. The school fairs were usually held in September at either the Elmira or North Lake community halls for the whole community. The Christmas concerts were held in the school each year just before Christmas for the East Point school district (which was from what is now Glen Cameron’s to the East Lake Bridge, including the Lighthouse Road).

     In 1933 the superintendent was Mr. Herb Murphy who was from Panamure Island and he later was replaced by Mr. Harold Hynes. When the superintendent would visit he would ask the students questions that they would have to answer and he would also look over the students’ scribblers and work.

     The Women’s Institute formed a branch at East Point in 1917. The needs of the school for supplies and such were taken care of by the members of the local Women’s Institute. Usually two members of the Institute would come about once a month to see if there was anything that the school needed or if there was anything that needed to be done at the school. Red Cross meetings were held at the school every second week.

     Former teachers at East Point included : 1916-18 Marjorie Campbell, 1919-20 closed because there was no teacher, June 1920 Helen Stewart, 1920-22 Cecilia MacDonald, 1922-23 Edna MacDonald and Eva Mooney, 1923-24 Eva Mooney,Helen MacDonald, 1925 -28 Russell St. John, 1928-29 Aug and Sept Russell St. John and Oct to June Matilda St. John, 1929-30 Matilda St. John, 1930-31 Mary J. Mullally, 1931-33 Marion I. MacDonald, 1933-37 Laurena Shreenan, 1937-38 Isobel MacAulay, 1938-40 Rita (Stephen) MacDonald (who later became a nun), 1940-43 Frances (Fran) Cheverie (later Rose).

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