East Baltic

East Baltic School

     East Baltic School was built by members of the community as a community project with everyone helping to build the structure. The land for the school was donated by Eugene Murphy. The school district took in the area from the center of the East Baltic Road to the Father James Road. Grades 1 to 8 were taught at the East Baltic School. The school was built on land that had a brook right below it and the students would use the brook to keep their milk and kool-aide cold, by putting a string on their bottle and tying it to a branch. At this school there were two 15 minute recesses during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and an hour break for lunch at noon. Students would play outside games at recess and noon hour when the weather was good and when it was stormy they would play inside for the breaks.

     The school was like many other one-roomed schools and it had a wood stove for heat. It was the teacher’s job to keep the stove going during the day which could be difficult since the wood was often wet and covered in snow and ice. General tidying up duties were done by the teacher but the students also had chores to do each day to help the school run smoothly. Students would take month about going early to light the stove so that the school would be warm when the other students arrived. They also had to clean the boards, sweep the floors and clean the outhouses.

     The local Women’s Institute was an invaluable support to the school. The women would take part in the fundraising and support of the school. They would help out where they could and took care of many of the things that needed to be done at the school.

     In 1967 one of the teachers remembers being paid in part by the government, about $200 a month, and also receiving an annual supplement from the community that was about $350.

     Some former teachers at the East Baltic School were Jerome MacDonald, Mary Ellen Power, John J. Campbell, Nellie E. Lannan, John D. MacAulay, Erma (MacGregor) Stewart, Margaret Murphy, Annabelle (Ryan) Mossey, Estelle (Campbell) Conway, Mildred (Rose) Goldin, James (Paddy) MacInnis, Hilda MacEachern, Kenneth Doucette, Martha (Robertson) MacGregor, Marguerite MacMahon, Florence MacLean, Jean (MacGregor) Hender, Inex Dixon, Kenneth Campbell, Margaret (MacIsaac) MacPhee,  and Lynn Ann Dixon.

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