South Lake Christian Church

South Lake Christian Church[i]

     In 1846 a church was built at South Lake crossroads. Prior to the building of the church, residents held worship in a barn on the same property the church was built.  The membership began with 80 and met with or without a preacher; at the time it opened Dr. Knox was the preacher, he travelled from Cross Roads (Lot 48) to conduct services.  Other community members contributed to conducting services here as well, including: Peter Stewart (licensed preacher) and John MacDonald (elder).

     In 1884, another building was built to house the growing congregation at which time Carroll Ghent was the preacher.  In 1907, it was discovered that it made sense in the communities to unite South Lake Christian Church and East Point Baptist Church.  This was done under the direction of a committee of three people from each church.  The agreement was made that the churches would become a pastorate with one minister, alternating the responsibility between a Baptist and Disciple pastor.  The union continues today, with both churches sharing the services of one minister, Rev. Alan Beck.                

     In the years that followed 1907, changes and renovations were made to the original structure.  An organ was added in 1912; a furnace was put in place in 1925; in 1932 the porch was re-sheathed, the inside and outside of the building were painted and a room for the choir was added; in 1936 a horse shed was built.

     An exciting event happened on July 29, 1953: the first wedding was celebrated; Ms. Jean Baker married Mr. Ray Mosher.  The second wedding was held the next year on March 27th, between Ms. Phyllis Rose and Mr. Gordon Robertson. 

     In 1962, a young minister, Rev. Malcolm Smith arrived to take over services.  Rev. Smith was instrumental in converting a number of new members to the congregation. He was also responsible for starting the publication of a weekly newsletter called, “Christian Baptist.”  During Rev. Smith’s time, another round of renovations occurred: floor tile was installed, a new flue was built, a balcony added at the rear, and a large amount of work was done to the church yard. 

     In 1965, a new exterior was added to the front, a new ceiling put in place and cement steps installed.  Also, a new communion table was built and put in place by Mr. Irving Baker.  The original pulpit Bible (1849) was re-covered and bound, this project was spear-headed by Mrs. Vera MacDonald.  

     September, 1969: The Maritime Convention of the Christian churches was held at South Lake Church.

     Stanley Cameron served in the position of Treasurer for 24 years before the church adopted the envelope system of collecting money.

     On October 14th, 1973 twenty Bibles were donated to the church, dedicated by Rev. Arthur Willis in memory of Deacon Barton MacDonald.

*For more information and a deeper look at South Lake Christian Church History please see, digitized copies of: History of South Lake Christian Church and the Guiding Light



South Lake Christian Church
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