The Telephone

Telephone Services Arrive in Eastern Kings[i]


     The Telephone Company of Prince Edward Island was commissioned in 1885 with the initial mandate to run a line from Charlottetown to the lighthouses at Cape Bear and East Point. It was decided that several public telephone stations would be installed along that line. In 1891, the first telephone line to East Point was completed with 16 telephones installed along the way.

     In 1921, the first agency office in Eastern Kings was opened in the home of Frederick Stewart at South Lake. His daughter, Helen, was the local agent and operator who was in charge of the office there from it's opening until her death in 1963. After Helen's death, the office was moved to Bernard Mossey's house until dial conversion took place in 1977, eliminating the need for local operators.

     On the evening of November 7th, 1977, 350 people crowded into Eastern King's Consolidated School. Everyone had come to celebrate dial conversion. James Fay, the MLA for 1st Kings at the time, made the first “official” call to Daniel J. MacDonald in Ottawa at the Ministry of Veterans Affairs. MacDonald, a notable Canadian politician from Bothwell, was the federal Minister of Veterans Affairs.

     In 1983, Cecil Rose of North Lake was presented with the 75,000th telephone to be installed on Prince Edward Island.

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