The Welcome



On the morning of August 29th, 1883, The Welcome was sailing along the North side when it was caught in a strong gale and heavy seas off North Lake. The vessel carried on through the storm hoping to sail clear of it, but unfortunately capsized off East Point. One man, Israel Spindler of Louisburg, Nova Scotia, was thrown into the sea and was able to swim to shore. The cliffs were too steep to climb when Spindler had come ashore and strong waves continued to crash in on the rocks around him. For 24 hours, Spindler clung to two trees that crossed one another where they grew out of the bank. Finally, two local men, John J. Campbell and John MacPhee, arrived and rescued the man from where he was stranded. The bodies of the sailors that Spindler sailed with were taken to Kingsboro Cemetary where they were laid to rest. Later, Captain Farrer from Crapaud arrived in the community to recover the capsized Welcome, repair it and put it to sea again.


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