Her Majesty's Ship Phoenix

     Her Majesty's Ship Phoenix  was a British warship known as the sister ship on the Doterel. The HMS Phoenix was a large three-masted ship that weighed an incredible 1,137-tons. In order to maneuver such a large vessel, the Phoenix was intergrated with a steam-powered engine for better speeds and agility.

     In September of 1882, the Phoenix was sailing from Quebec City to Halifax when it became caught in a massive nor-easter on the 13th. Aboard, the 400 men and officers of the warship worked long and hard to keep the vessel afloat. Despite their efforts, the Phoenix struck a reef on the south side of East Point. Waves continued to break over the ship as water poured into the engine room and flooded the vessel. The HMS Phoenix was lost.

     Salvage scattered the sea off East Point, the only reminents of the large warship. Several men died and surviving seamen were lodged in the local area for the winter. Some were welcomed into homes and when there was no spare rooms, the remainder of the men were put-up in MacInnis Lobster Factory.

     One night the doctor who survived the sinking of the Phoenix was called out. Mrs. Daniel John MacDonald was in labour and needed a doctor to deliver the child. After the doctor safely delivered the baby girl into the world, he was asked what the fee would be. The doctor simply requested that her middle name include “Phoenix”. Mary Ellen Phoenix (MacDonald) Fisher forever became a living reminder of the shipwreck.

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