Mills and Forges


Mills of Eastern Kings[i]

     In 1825, the first grist mill was built; it was owned and operated by Mr. John Morrow.  Residents from the surrounding areas of South Lake, North River and Kingsboro brought grain to be milled.  A Mr. Anderson setup another grist mill in North Lake.

     Another, in Mill Creek, was owned and operated by Mr. Peter Rose.  On November 25, 1862, this mill was destroyed by fire. In later years another mill was built on this property by Mr. Starbird Rose, who sawed lumber and his brother, Mr. Stephen Rose operating the grain mill.  This is the property where Baker’s saw mill still operates.

     Mr. Maynard Fraser built and operated a steam mill in South Lake.  He sold it in 1917 to Mr. Milton Young, who moved the structure to Kingsboro.  It was moved again in later years when Mr. Seldon MacLean bought it. A fire destroyed the mill in 1929, but was rebuilt on the same property.  Following the death of Mr. MacLean, his wife hired Mr. Percy MacDonald to operate it for her, until it was finally torn down.

     Erwin Robertson’s mill was erected in 1962 in Kingsboro and was powered by diesel. There was an extension built in 1970. He began his career sawing lumber on a hand bench.

     Mr. Alexander Scott Sr. operated a carding and grist mill in Kingsboro, located by a dam.  This mill was a water-wheel type.  The upper floor housed the carding mills, which converted wool into rolls, which were then spun into yarn by a spinning wheel. The grist mill was located on the lower floor.

     In the early 1890s there were 172 saw mills on PEI.

     Mills in the Eastern Kings area:

-Dixon’s Mill (Glencorridale)

- McInnis (Cross River)

- McNeil/ McLellan/ Dixon (East Baltic)

- Scott (Kingsboro):

- Rose Bros (North Lakeville)

- McDonald (East Lake Creek)


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